To Do - Mark Rutte

We believe that when it comes to politics, the times call for a strategy in which the campaign is driven by the content. 

Thus, for the VVD campaign "Houdt Koers" we were looking to bring something different to the over-saturated table. We crafted a campaign in which the content pulls in stead of pushes our audience. 

The content in this case being a mini-documentary about our Prime Minister. 

One in which we get an insight into who Mark Rutte is and what drives him. We were delighted to find the makers of "Fucking Perfect" willing to shoot this documentary. The film became the centerpiece of the campaign and the basis for other media. Radio, television and online banners all featured uncut footage from the original documentary. 

With success! The online documentary was viewed over half a million times within the first week. The campaign was the most discussed of the past elections and yielded twice the total budget in free publicity.

Watch the 3 min version above. For the full 10 minutes, visit here.

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