HEMA claims national family holiday in the most musical way

With the Sintersizer, HEMA invites children countrywide to take part in HEMA’s Sintersongwriter competition by writing and composing their own Sinterklaas songs. 

The Sintersizer is a music machine that is six meters high by four meters wide and is built completely out of toys. It can be found and played at HEMA’s flagship store in Amsterdam, but a mobile app is available for those who prefer to play the Sintersizer from the comfort of their own homes. 

In the app, users can add lyrics to their songs, and a video clip is generated to complete the entry to the competition. The five best Sintersongwriters will be invited to a special event where they will perform their songs together with popular Dutch influencer Nanne and famous Dutch Singersongwriter Tim Douwsma, who made a Sintersong of his own to kick off the campaign.

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