Cutting out the hassle

How to get on the radars of young people? People to which their health insurance is the absolute last thing they want to spend time thinking of?   Answer: By cutting out the hassle of it all. Because the only real way for Anderzorg to make a difference, is by making it dead simple for one to switch to Anderzorg. Leaving you with more time to lead the good life you enjoy. 

That is the ‘Zorg voor #deleven’ campaign in a nutshell. A campaign about cutting the crap, keeping the prices low and finding ways for you to be left with more time to savor the everyday. 

We partnered with Dutch cult icon and hiphop mastermind Sef and launched the campaign with a documentary revolving around #deleven, a term turned pop culture reference from his overnight hit about what savoring the good life means in today’s world. 

To prove the Anderzorg promise, the brand put its money where its mouth is by becoming the first ever health insurance that made it possible for you to join via Instagram. As result, within four clicks, you are insured by Anderzorg. 

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