Turning 20!

XXS Amsterdam is turning 20 this year.

All dressed up like the 'almost 20-year-old version of ourselves', we celebrated the start of this wonderful year with the whole team!

Let's make 2017 a year to never forget!

Love, Team XXS Amsterdam

Bronze award at Eurobest Festival for Nierstichting

A print ad turned two-way live stream that shows passersby what life is like when you have chronic kidney disease. 

The case: Our challenge was to show people what its like to be stuck to a dialysis machine. All we had was outdoor print. Which is intrinsically one-directional. So we let a kidney patient do the talking, and brought the ad to life. We turned a print ad at Rotterdam Central Station into a two way live stream. Connecting Fabian, who was on dialysis at that moment, with everyday commuters. The contrast between this ‘big, lively world’ and the confined world of Fabian could not have been bigger. As Fabian waited until his blood was filtered, he had enough time to talk to people passing by. 

Click here for the case film

Monday Morning Breakfast

What’s worse than monday morning? Exactly, nothing! That’s why XXS Amsterdam and Konings & Keune decided to organize the Monday Morning Breakfast. Four times a year, a diverse group of people - TV makers, artists, entrepreneurs and everything in between - come together on early monday morning for a delicious breakfast, inspirational speakers and musical performances. The Monday Morning Breakfast has become a platform from which you can share your ideas, meet like-minded people and create new concepts. From now on: monday morning, bastard, we love you!

For more information: mondaymorningbreakfast.com