The new campaign for Basic-Fit focusses on what fitness is really about.

It's not about crunches, or push-ups. Or even about sweat. Fitness is about feeling fit. About being the fittest version of yourself. That's why Basic-Fit is the first fitness brand that prefers to talk about what fitness does for you outside the gym. The new pay off 'I Feel Basic-Fit' shifts the conversation from dumbbells and treadmills to what it means to be the fittest version of yourself. 

Watch the commercial here

HEMA celebrates all types of Mothers in it’s new Mother’s Day campaign

Ask any mother and you will hear that there is no one way to be a mom. Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, but have one thing in common: their incomparable love and care. What better way to express gratitude to all mothers than on Mother’s Day?

Watch the commercial here

Decathlon & local amateur athletes take over Rotterdam

Decathlon is coming to Rotterdam. Making sports accessible for everyone in town, whatever your favorite sport is. That’s why for the opening campaign Decathlon reached out to local amateur athletes to represent their city by starring in the creative work. Three local amateur athletes were selected and portrayed in iconic spots in Rotterdam.

Watch the campaign video's here


4 nominations at the SAN Accent

XXS Amsterdam is nominated 4 times by the jury of the SAN Accent for our campaigns: Decathlon 'Klaar voor de sport', Dirk 'Sail', HEMA 'Sintersongwriter' and Nierstichting: 'Draag bij aan de draagbare kunstnier'. Fingers crossed until May 26th.

XXS launches its first campaign for Videoland

The ‘Gezellig on Demand’ relaunch campaign for Videoland grabs back to the brand’s rich heritage. As Videoland is synonymous to countless ‘gezellige’ moments in the collective memories of Dutch house holds. Starting as the place to rent VHS tapes 32 years ago, later on switching to DVD’s, Videoland now introduces its VOD streaming service.

Watch the commercial here.

HEMA's Spring Campaign

HEMA's spring campaign celebrates the new season that has arrived and all the great things it brings! It focusses on the small joys of spring as the brand believes true happiness is found in everyday moments. The tv spot is part of a 360 campaign including a virtual easter egg hunt that can be played online. Within days 10.000 virtual easter eggs were transformed into real ones as players of the game were rewarded with real bags of chocolate eggs after playing the game. 

Watch the spot here.

HEMA reminds us what Sinterklaas is all about

With the search for our country's best sintersongwriter, HEMA turns Sinterklaas back into a children's celebration.
Watch the TVC's around this activation. Watch all the sintersongs!

Read more about the HEMA sintersongwriter contest here

Monday Morning Breakfast

What’s worse than monday morning? Exactly, nothing! That’s why XXS Amsterdam and Konings & Keune decided to organize the Monday Morning Breakfast. Four times a year, a diverse group of people - TV makers, artists, entrepreneurs and everything in between - come together on early monday morning for a delicious breakfast, inspirational speakers and musical performances. The Monday Morning Breakfast has become a platform from which you can share your ideas, meet like-minded people and create new concepts. From now on: monday morning, bastard, we love you!

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